FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is a server on a physically separate machine that is free from limitations found in shared servers. A dedicated server offers the greatest flexibility in terms of modification, and is an ideal solution for stores and sites that generate high traffic.


How much is a subscription to a virtual server for a Magento store?

The price is determined depending on the selected package with different specifications. The list of available configurations is available HERE.


How much does it cost to transfer a Magento store to your servers?

Transferring your Magento store to our dedicated server is completely free.


How much does it cost to optimize the client's Magento store?

Store optimization is performed free of charge as part of the hosting service.

I would like to see how my Magento store works on your servers, is it possible?

Yes. All you need to do is send the files and the store's database, or access to the server, to the address provided in the CONTACT tab. Your store will be installed on the test domain, with the possibility of testing for a week from the moment of launch.


I am worried about stopping traffic in the store while it is moving between servers. When is the migration performed?

In this matter, we are completely flexible and we can adapt to customer requirements. The standard transfer time is late night.


Do I have a guarantee that my Magento store on your servers will run faster than it is now?

Yes, we guarantee the acceleration of the store's operation by optimizing it


How long is the signed contract valid?

As a standard, we do not sign a contract with the client, we prefer settlements in the form of monthly invoices. If there is a desire to terminate the cooperation, we do not require a notice period. However, if the client wishes to sign the contract, we send templates for printing.

What do I need to transfer my Magento store?

To transfer the store to our Magento hosting, we will need access to the current server via FTP and to the MySQL database, or access to the hosting panel of the current service provider.


Will you help deal with problem X after the transfer?

Yes. We provide free technical support as part of the store transfer.


What kind of access will I get after moving to your servers?

After a successful transfer of the store, the customer receives access to the hosting panel, FTP access, e-mail accounts, MySQL database and access to the store's daily backup files.


Is it possible to connect a store hosted on your server to an external / non-standard mail server?

Yes, there will be no problem with that.


Do you execute Magento commissions for your clients?

Yes, we carry out simple commissions as part of hosting, others are priced and carried out after the customer accepts the amount.


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