E-mail in store's domain - transfer and configuration

As one of the few, our Magento hosting offers transfer of the mailboxes’ content to a new server, free of charge.

Moving a store between servers does not have to mean losing important messages from your e-mail box. It is possible to completely restore its content on the new hosting. Furthermore, our dedicated server is adapted to handle e-mail in the store's domain and has standard anti-spam filters installed for increased security.


We offer two ways of handling mail:

  • mailboxes operated by the server where Magento store is hosted
  • mailboxes operated by external servers, e.g.:
    • Google Apps for Work mail
    • Microsoft Office 365 Business mail

If the customer has a large database of e-mail accounts and transferring many gigabytes of data is not profitable in time and money, we offer the possibility of connecting mailboxes hosted on other servers.

Man sends an email in store's domainMan sends an email in store's domain

Dedicated server - mail configuration

On our servers e-mails can be received / sent using a web application called Roundcube or by using local applications such as: Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail.

List of configuration options for the above applications:

  • server / host: will be given when transferring the store
  • username (login): the entire e-mail address
  • password: provided when creating an account in the hosting panel
  • e-mail ports for the server (SSL encrypted):
    • outgoing mail SMTP-SSL: 465
    • incoming mail POP3-SSL: 995
    • incoming mail IMAP-SSL: 993
  • secure password authentication disabled
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