The old internet saying says:

„There are two types of people: People who back up their files and people who will back up their files.”

Data loss is something that no website administrator can afford. Therefore, creating backups is the basic functionality any dedicated hosting must have

The most common situation that requires restoring backups is accidents at work of programmers or unintentional deletion of important data. However, there are also hardware or software errors that are independent of human intervention. The reason doesn't matter, backup is a must-have operation in Magento administration.

Dedicated hosting - backup specification

Each of our dedicated servers and virtual servers has access to two backup servers:

  • Copies of MySQL databases sent daily to backup accounts designated and stored for 1 month.
  • Additional copies of the content of the entire server that are sent daily to our specially prepared backup servers. Such copy is also stored there for 1 month.

At the customer's request, we are able to restore the backup from the timespan of the last 31 days WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Two men stand in front of secured dedicated server.Two men stand in front of secured dedicated server.

Backing up directly in Magento

Creating a backup directly in Magento seems to be a reasonable solution, but it is worth taking into account that the store remains blocked during backup operations. Depending on the size of the database and other data being saved, this process may take a long time.

If you need help modifying the Magento store, developers we cooperate with can help you implement changes, and resolve any problems related to Magento. Our experienced partners deal with the creation of new instances of stores and the implementation of changes in the appearance of templates. In addition, they provide support in the implementation of customer ideas for improved operation of the online store.

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