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Dedicated hosting - why do you need it?

Along with the development of technology and the introduction of new solutions in hardware and software, companies operating online stores bear the responsibility of constantly improving their services in order to keep up with the pace of changes and remain valid. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes made is choosing the wrong hosting, which may be tempting with low price, but offers a number of limitations that dedicated hosting does not have.

The availability of the website is of key importance for e-commerce. If, when making a purchasing decision, the customer encounters any problems with the website, long loading, server unavailability, errors, they may refuse the purchase and choose a competing website. That's why stability and proper optimization should be a priority for every store, and their guarantee is a dedicated Magento hosting

A robot and a man work with dedicated serverA robot and a man work with dedicated server
A man stands in front of a tablet that shows on its screen a furniture store hosted on Magento hostingA man stands in front of a tablet that shows on its screen a furniture store hosted on Magento hosting

Magento hosting for your business

To meet the expectations of customers, we have created a special hosting for online stores. It is free from the most common limitations found in standard hosting, optimized, and equipped with dedicated security solutions. Our hosting is a server for Magento, tailored for e-commerce websites.

Our servers are a combination of a fast and modern, virtual or dedicated server at affordable prices and free administration. In addition, we offer support in problems with Magento stores located on our hosting.

Our Magento hosting is a ready-made solution that has already been tested by over 150 customers in their stores, and recommended by many companies involved in Magento implementations.

Dedicated hosting - benefits

By choosing our Magento hosting, you get:


A man standing in front of servers.A man standing in front of servers.
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