Security of stores on our hosting

In times of hacker attacks becoming more common, taking care of maintaining the highest level of server security is the responsibility of every web administrator. Here in Hosting Magento, we know it very well. By entrusting your store to us, customers can be sure that it will be in good hands of professionals who have the right resources to counteract and repel any attempts to breach security.

Dedicated server - what is the risk of hacking it?

Online stores are the favorite targets of online hackers. Taking control of the store means that they are able to download a database of customers and orders, redirect payments to other accounts, or use the server to send spam. If such practices persist for some time, servers may end up on a "black list" that limits their credibility in the eyes of search engines, reduces the range of positioning, and in extreme cases even completely blocks access to them.

Unfortunately, such malicious practices are becoming more common and hackers are constantly improving their techniques. That is why it is so important that the dedicated hosting we use is as resistant to attacks as possible. Thanks to many years of experience, we have implemented numerous solutions that allow our clients to sleep peacefully. 

Woman sits in front of a laptop, she uses a safe dedicated server.Woman sits in front of a laptop, she uses a safe dedicated server.

Magento administration - what security measures do we use?

Our Magento hosting offers a number of features that allow to prevent and, if necessary, quickly repel a hacker attack. We focus on the diversification of tools, as well as constant monitoring of server behavior. Our security measures include:.

  • Use of Nginx and similar software
  • Frequent Magento updates
  • Scanning servers with scripts that identify suspicious behavior not only on websites, but also in e-mail boxes
  • External firewalls
  • Monitoring the status of servers and their load
  • Monitoring the status of SSL certificates
  • Controlling the amount of available space on servers
  • Immediate technical support in the event of an attack

These security measures are perfect for everyday practices required for proper work of dedicated servers. Let's take a closer look at some of these solutions.

Man uses a magnifying glass to read website's content thanks to fast hosting. Man uses a magnifying glass to read website's content thanks to fast hosting.


The most effective security measures start with the server configuration. Among other programs, the machines we use for hosting are equipped with Nginx software - an efficient and scalable web server. It is better suited to the requirements of dedicated servers, unlike, for example, the competitive Apache2. This solution offers not only higher efficiency, but also a wider room for maneuver for the administrator implementing any changes to the hosted software.

Let's take a look at a situation where security vulnerabilities are discovered in Magento itself. Thanks to a well-thought-out and refined configuration of our servers, we are able to quickly secure vulnerable resources at all hosted stores at the same time, even before an attack occurs.

Magento update


One of the most effective ways to maintain security of your website running on Magento is to update its software. This allows you to get rid of bugs of older versions that allow hacking and taking control of the store. Therefore, it's worth to remember that updating the software does not only mean new functions, but above all it improves security. By offering Magento hosting, we offer upgrade support for free.


Unusual activity

One of the first signs that something disturbing is happening on the site is increased traffic and slow page loading. The reasons for this behavior may be simple: increased organic number of entries, or robots trying to index an extensive catalog of products in a short time. Unfortunately, it can also be hacking software that scans the website for security vulnerabilities.

In order to detect such unusual behaviors, we have implemented scripts that, with the client's permission, scan the dedicated server several times a day for the activity of robots stealing the site's resources. This allows us to react quickly in the event of an attack.

Security breaches may also expose e-mail accounts, from which the server is used to send spam. Blocking such activities is possible thanks to external firewalls and the aforementioned scripts that recognize such manifestations of suspicious behavior.

Man sits with laptop on his knees, whistling, with a security badge behind his back which represents secure server.Man sits with laptop on his knees, whistling, with a security badge behind his back which represents secure server.


As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure, that’s why we pay a lot of attention to addressing potential server problems by monitoring their health. Uninterrupted availability and error-free operation are the basic requirements that any professional Magento hosting must meet.

We constantly monitor the availability of our servers on the web, and if we encounter any problems, we report the matter to the on-site server technicians. We are also notified about each restart of the machine, which allows us to adjust our actions to the situation and ensure that the store is available as long as possible, without unforeseen interruptions in operation.

In addition, key server parameters and their components, such as CPU temperature, RAM errors, and bad sectors on hard drives, are also monitored on an ongoing basis. If any faults are found, we immediately contact the technical service to repair or replace the faulty components. 

We also keep an eye on the use of drive space. Due to its specification, Magento can grow quickly, and an overloaded server cannot function properly. Unfortunately, often even the programmers themselves are not able to check how much free space on the drive is left, so our task, as a hosting administration, is to monitor the server's capacity, report potential problems to the client, as well as provide help related to organizing space on the server and deleting unnecessary files. This way, the dedicated server maintains maximum performance.

Computer monitor showing a security badge representing safe hosting. Computer monitor showing a security badge representing safe hosting.

Safety certificates

Nowadays, no professional website can operate without an SSL certificate. It allows to protect online stores against the interception of confidential information by third parties, such as address data, order details, as well as login passwords to the website.

However, one-time installation of the certificate is not enough. It needs to be renewed from time to time. In the event of its expiration, the website stops working and visitors receive a warning message about connection problems with the store's website. Access to the site is blocked, and no store can afford such occurrence. 

Our Magento hosting is equipped with scripts that constantly monitor the validity of certificates of websites located on the servers. Thanks to this feature, we can quickly remind customers to renew certificates and maintain the continuous operation of the store. 

Magento administration - focus on security

The dedicated hosting we offer perfectly meets the needs of customers running online stores, both in terms of security and optimization of operations. In times when cybercrime is increasingly evolving, investment in security is a matter that cannot be ignored. 



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